If you are reading this, then AllRoadsRacing.com is live! 

AllRoadsRacing.com is the gravel, cyclocross, road, & track e-commerce store for Re.Cycle.D LLC Bend, Oregon. It sister-site to recycledmountainracing.com. We specialize in the latest new and best closeout drop bar bikes, parts, and gear. We have deep experience with hydraulic disc brakes, tubeless tire setup, and carbon wheels. We aim to provide a high level of value and service to drop bar athletes all over the USA.


Who should buy a performance bicycle via mail-order? 

In general our typical customer is not buying their first performance bicycle and is looking to make their purchasing $$$ go as far as possible - This customer has taken the time to educate themselves on the current market, has read reviews, has opinions on geometry, and is well aware of the latest tech trends. This customer often feels the largest brands feel a little too generic or common in their local area. They have an appreciation for unique bikes or upgrades, their local bike shop may lack availability on desired parts or products, or they like imports or exotic products. They also appreciate the efficiency and/or convenience of online shopping.  

What to expect with your new bicycle:

The majority of our bicycles come boxed in a semi-assembled state of condition - It will require basic bicycle hand tools and a trained bicycle mechanic to complete assembly and tuning. Unless you are highly confident in your bicycle wrenching abilities we highly recommend using a local professional. We have decided to do things this way as we understand our typical online customer tends to be more educated in terms of building, tuning, and servicing a performance bicycle as well as being highly price sensitive. 

Is mail-order better than brick and mortar bike shops?

No, not necessarily, maybe, it depends; most people who work in the bicycle industry got their start at small independent bicycle retailer- We think your typical bike shop does a good job serving beginners, providing local service, and if your budget is under about $1500 will give you a significantly better bike than a department store. The largest and most successful brands are still highly committed to serving the specialty retail bicycle shop, but the huge growth in online sales might limit what is available at your local shop. We think the local shop shines when it comes to providing convenient on demand service for routine issues.   

What is wrong with my local bike shop?

We think fair criticisms of specialty retail bicycle shop include: dependence on one or two large brands that tend to channel customers into house brands for parts, accessories, and apparel. The large brand dominates what is offered and may not always be a leading product in their respective categories. We also think the typical salesperson often has about two years of industry experience. While we respect their passion and desire to be in the industry and serve their fellow cyclist, we sometimes find their technical support can be underwhelming to today’s lifestyle cyclist. A cycling customer with 10+ years of ridding experience or an enthusiast in one discipline can often end up knowing and understanding significantly more about the products than the salesperson who is often a generalist. The other criticism we hear a lot from some of the better shops in our area is that some retail salespeople for performance bikes can at times come off as elitist or snobbish. The salesperson may be an accomplished local athlete but sometimes forgets to listen carefully to what the customers' needs or issue is. Have you had this experience at your local bike shop?

What makes Allroadsracing.com unique? Why should I shop with you?   

We are focused on serving the cycling consumer that sees value in online shopping and prefers to do business via email. Every part of our business has been thought out to reduce costs and keep overhead as low as possible. This is done to deliver the highest quality product at the lowest possible and most competitive price. One way we do this is by focusing on email communication. We feel that email is today’s best medium for providing meaningful business communication. Email allows for well researched thoughtful answers that wait for you in your inbox on your busy schedule. Our internal expectation is to respond to inquiries within 24 hours, but most questions get answered much faster. Once we have worked with you to determine your needs we can send you one check out link for exactly the proposed or agreed solution, including lead times, and availability info. Give us a try!  

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