Shimano GRX group-set RX810 level 2x11 (mechanical shift / hydro brake)

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This listing is for one brand new GRX group-set’s notes:

Understanding Shimano’s new GRX - unlike Shimano’s road groups that have very distinct levels (Dura-Ace, Ultegra, and 105), GRX represents more of a family of components with up to 4 layers including a couple layers of overlap (see pic). There are options for 1x and 2x setups at each layer and couple one-off components also - We are planning to offer 6 group sets (see list below) that we think will be the most wanted setups but each group is open to customization, please contact us if you need changes or substitutions 

RX815 level DI2 2x11 (electronic shift / hydro)

RX817 level DI2 1x11 (electronic shift / hydro)

RX810 2x11 (mechanical shift / hydro)

RX812 1x11 (mechanical shift / hydro) 

RX600 2x11 (mechanical shift / hydro)

RX600 1x11 (mechanical shift / hydro)

What's in the box?

RX810 level 2x11 (mechanical shift / hydro)

Shifter/brake caliper front 2x

RX810 L

Shifter/brake caliper rear 11x

RX810 R

Rear Derailleur


Front Derailleur 


Crankset 48-31T (length options)





HG800 11-34t

2x rotors 160mm



aftermarket packaging - including manuals

full manufacturer warranty


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Manufacturer Specs:



SHIMANO GRX, with its gravel specific ergonomics, optimized gearing options, rugged reliability, and quiet and stable drivetrain, sets itself apart from the rest of the component world. It isn’t a reworked set of road components. It represents a ground up look at how cyclists want to explore their world. SHIMANO GRX helps you eliminate excuses, instead urging you to try that rough sidetrack or ride that little bit longer. It offers you the option to Explore Beyond.


Instead of telling gravel riders what they needed, we asked them what they wanted. Shimano spent two years listening and countless hours speaking with gravel enthusiasts from all over the world. We took to dirt and gravel roads, narrow singletrack paths, creek crossings, and mountain passes to test ourselves and our notions of drop bar cycling. We pinned on race numbers and packed up bikepacking bags. We ate energy bars and mixed recovery drinks. Then we chowed on burgers, and knocked back a few beers. We choked on dust and reveled in mud. And the result of all that riding and all those new friendships? First, Shimano’s Gravel Alliance and now, Shimano GRX, the world’s first dedicated gravel component series. 


11-Speed DI2 electronic 




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