Shimano GRX



Shimano GRX: The World’s First Dedicated Gravel Component Group

Instead of telling gravel riders what they needed, we asked them what they wanted. Shimano spent two years listening and countless hours speaking with gravel enthusiasts from all over the world. We took to dirt and gravel roads, narrow singletrack paths, creek crossings, and mountain passes to test ourselves and our notions of drop bar cycling. We pinned on race numbers and packed up bikepacking bags. We ate energy bars and mixed recovery drinks. Then we chowed on burgers, and knocked back a few beers. We choked on dust and reveled in mud. And the result of all that riding and all those new friendships? First, Shimano’s Gravel Alliance and now, Shimano GRX, the world’s first dedicated gravel component series. 


11-Speed DI2 electronic 




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