Shimano Ultegra DI2 group-set R8100 2x12 (wireless shift / hydro brake)

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Shimano Ultegra DI2 group-set 2x12 (wireless shift / hydro brake)

This listing is for one brand new Ultegra DI2 12-speed group-set’s notes:

Understanding Shimano’s new Ultegra - unlike Shimano’s first DI2 groups that uses two junction boxes and seven wires to hold the group together the new DI2 12-speed groups use wireless shifters (there are scannable QR codes on inner levers), it gets rid of the junction boxes and has the front and rear derailleurs connect directly with the battery, and the charger connects to the rear derailleur. Shimano Ultegra DI2 shares chains and rotors with Deore XT 12-speed -

Ultegra DI2 12-speed offers 2 variations:

1) Crankset - power meter is optional and arm length 160, 165, 170, 172.5, 175

2) Cassette - 11-30T or 11-34T



What's in the box?


R8100 2x12 (wireless shift / hydro brake)

Shifter/brake front - 2spd wireless hydro


Shifter/brake rear - 12spd wireless hydro


Rear Derailluer


Front Derailluer 


Crankset - (size options at top menu) (power meter is +$845)

R8100 or R8100P



Cassette (see options at top)


2x rotors


Also included

1x Battery BT-DN300 (new 3-port style)

1x Charging cable EW-EC300

2x SD300 cables for front and rear derailleurs

Brakes come pre-bled w/ 1x additional barb and olive per line


aftermarket packaging - including manuals

full manufacturer warranty


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Manufacturer Specs:


It's time — to find out what really matters.

The freedom of the open road, crisp mornings and fiery sunsets. Laughter filling the air and then trailing off.

Nature, unfolding as you roll. Breathtaking vistas that stop you in your tracks.

Coffee stops and camaraderie. Route prep and weather checks. Rain breaks and sunny bursts. Mad dashes. Racing each other to the top. And then kicking back...

It's about time — and it's about leaving time behind. Tuning into tranquillity. And shifting into oneness.

What is Di2?

Thanks to its lightning-fast, accurate, and reliable shifting performance, Di2 puts riders in complete control and ensures a seamless interface between the cyclist and bike like never before. Creating and continually improving the world's best shifting is a complicated undertaking requiring constant technological advancements. From hardware to software, Shimano Di2 technology is on the cutting edge, striving to deliver the best rider experience possible now and in the future.


While now recognized as the pinnacle of premium shifting performance, Shimano Di2 was, at its inception, designed to enhance the riding experience for all cyclists. In 2001, Di2 debuted with NEXAVE C910, a beginner-friendly comfort bicycle components that simplified riding with automatic shifting. The NEXAVE C910 system also included an electronically controlled suspension option that automatically adjusted settings according to road conditions and riding speed.

Shimano Di2 Hardware Technology

Comprised of small junctions, wires, batteries, and mechanical units, Shimano Di2 looks and feels like a simple system, but it's packed with intricate functions and leading-edge technology. The Di2 platform is complex with many important pieces that must work seamlessly together to achieve Shimano's hallmark precise shift action.

Mechanical units - The small Di2 mechanical units in the front and rear derailleurs precisely control the movement of each derailleur to provide a perfect, crisp shift every time. The powerful, lightweight motors deliver faster and more reliable shifting in all conditions and all terrain.

Di2 Battery: Di2 was first introduced with an externally mounted battery. But soon afterwards updates included an internal battery option that tucks away inside a bike frame or seat post for convenience and a sleek look. The lightweight, lithium-ion Di2 battery delivers exceptional battery life for less frequent charging; ranging from weeks to months depending on riding habits.

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